10 ways an architect can help you save time in planning


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If you’re looking to add a rear extension or carry out a garage or loft conversion at your home, you may find it beneficial to hire local architectural services. Below we’ve listed 10 ways architects in Warwickshire can help you save valuable time during the planning process of your home improvement project.

1. Confirm the feasibility of a project

An architect will undertake preliminary appraisals to ascertain the options available to you as well as the feasibility of your project. If your idea simply wouldn’t work, they’ll let you know.

2. Suggest the best way forward

An architect will come up with a number of outline proposals for you to choose from, identifying the need for any other consultants and approvals.

3. Liaise with local planners

An architect knows how to successfully navigate Local Planning Authority applications to ensure your chances of approval are increased.

4. Submit plans for approval if required

Not all building work will require permission. An architect will decide if this is required and submit plans if necessary.

5. Invite and appraise tenders on your behalf

They will most likely already have an address book full of trusted builders and contractors to reach out to, saving you the time and hassle of doing this research yourself.

6. Prepare information for costing

You’ll have the architect’s fees to cover, but they will price up all other aspects of the job for you based on your budget, including the materials and labour required to complete it.

7. Ensure appropriate building regulations are met

From workmanship and adequate materials to waterproofing, weatherization, fire safety and structure, your architect in Warwickshire will ensure all building regulations at your property are met.

8. Reapply for planning permission if necessary

Sometimes, planning permission isn’t always given the first time around. If you didn’t submit your initial application via an architect, consider hiring on the second time to ensure success.

9. Make schedule suggestions

Your architect will have created the drawings and drafted the plans for your home renovation, so trust them to calculate how long the work will take. Rushing certain aspects during the planning stage will only set you back further down the line.

10. Solve unexpected problems

Problems are inevitable, but architects are trained to solve problems in creative ways, so let them. With their broad knowledge of construction and design, they’ll be able to smooth over any issues during planning before building work starts.

To find out more about working with architectural service providers on your next home renovation project, contact us at Keenan Project Designs today.


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