Architects Kenilworth

Architects Kenilworth

Having won numerous awards, Keenan Project Designs is Kenilworth’s leading architects for all your domestic and commercial needs.

We’re also proud to be accredited as a chartered practice by the RIBA, as well as the Architects Registration Board (ARB).

Despite this, we’re an extremely price-competitive architect company and are accustomed to delivering stunning projects to our customers in Kenilworth, whilst keeping the customer in the driving seat at all times.


Our team of experienced architects will work with you to fully understand your dream space and each requirement.

This is then developed into workable 2D design, allowing the customer, Kenilworth planning authorities and builder to fully envision the end result. Whether you’re looking to build your home from scratch, convert your garage into a space for the family to enjoy or extend your dream kitchen, we can help. We’ve also plenty of experience in designing commercial spaces in Kenilworth, from offices and warehouses to shops and restaurants. Having worked within the architecture sector for many years, we’ve built relationships with key investors, land sellers, specialist tradespeople and more.

To discuss a project, request a quote or simply ask a question, get in touch with Keenan Project Designs. Our specialists are on hand to discuss your project and help you to bring your ideas to life. Call 0800 233 5787 or submit an enquiry through our contact form to take the next step.

Our architectural services included the following;

  • Existing and proposed floor plans (including any internal changes not relating to extension)
  • Existing and proposed elevations
  • Section views
  • Site maps
  • Building Regulation notes page for build
  • Drawing will be to a standard that will allow the drawing to be submitted for planning permission and building control
  • Site visit from project manager
  • Site survey
  • Free alterations up to planning approval, (unless needed for building regulations)
  • Complete planning submission forms, submit, and liaise with council
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