How to choose the right architect for your project


Making sure you choose the right architect for your project is absolutely crucial, especially when it comes to ensuring the work carried out is exactly what you are after. What’s more, getting the right architect on board from day one, will inevitably help the entire process seem less stressful, run a lot more smoothly, something that is invaluable when you are carrying out any renovation or construction work.

But how can you choose the right architect when there are so many businesses out there battling to take on your project? It seems a little overwhelming to begin with, right? To help, here are our top tips on how you can choose the right architect.

Write down your requirements

Before you begin the search for an architect, think about your needs and requirements. Consider what you are after and what is important to you. After all, this is your project, your money and your investment. So, for example, you might want to work with somebody who has years of experience in the industry. Or, perhaps the most important factor for you is that the architect is local to your area. Maybe you have a particular style in mind and would like to work with an architect whose portfolio reflects this? 

Don’t be afraid to make a list of your priorities – in fact, doing this initially will make that search a lot easier. 

Do your research

Once you’ve decided what you want in an architect, it’s worth doing your research. Browse the internet, reach out on social media, ask friends, colleagues and family members for recommendations, or even builders and tradespeople to see if they have anyone in mind. The chances are, they will have examples of their work online, so check them out. If not, give them a call and ask for a brochure to be sent out to you.

Whittle your list to around three to five architects, who you can then contact and speak to in more detail.

Look for the spark

This might sound odd but we are serious. When you contact an architect to discuss your build further, gauge if they seem enthusiastic or excited about your project. Ultimately, you need to be working with someone who is passionate about your build, to ensure you’re getting the best final results.

Ask for their advice, discuss budget along with your aspirations and hear about their previous work. While an architect’s experience and knowledge should always be a priority, it’s equally as important that you will work well and get on with them. 

Treat that initial consultation the same way you would if it’s a first date – after all, your build will be a journey you both will be on for months, and in some cases years. They need to show that they can listen to you and respect you, while offering you professional advice.

A top tip from us is to be as honest and transparent about your ambitions and available funds as possible from the start, so an architect can help you get the most from your money. 

Are you ready to start your renovation?

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