Should you move house or expand your home?


Having found some extra time on your hands, what better day than today, to start that house renovation you have always wanted. Not sure where to begin? That’s where we come in. Time to stop twiddling your thumbs and let Keenan Project Designs help you make the most of this new-found time, as you create your forever home. Let’s turn your dreams into a reality.

Still in two minds about whether to kick start that extension? Let us help.

The never-ending opportunities that come with a lockdown

While there’s no denying the times we are currently living are pretty crazy, we also know that being essentially forced to spend this much time at home is rare. When else will you get this much flexibility to focus on extending your home? This is your chance to build that extension you’ve been after, totally and completely guilt-free.

Better still, when lockdown is lifted, you’ll be able to invite your family and friends over for some much deserved ‘showing off time’ of your new refurb. Be prepared for your loved ones to get serious house envy.

You’ve earned the cash, so why not enjoy it?

Who needs an excuse to treat themself, right now? You’ve worked hard, so why not invest the money in something you can get endless enjoyment from, like an extension.

Avoid the hassles of moving

One of the common conversations that we often have with our clients, is whether they should move, or extend the current one they live in. While it might initially seem like the easier option to look on the market, we architects at Keenan Project Designs believe it will be less stressful, long-term, to simply alter the house you currently live in.

Of course, not only will it save you money on stamp duty, it will mean you can avoid the dreaded ‘man with a van’ Google search, too. Building an extension or renovating will allow you to modify your home, and making it completely bespoke to you.

Selling your home can often with unnecessary anxiety, pressure and strain, whereas building an extension is exciting. We all need something to look forward to, so why not look forward to that extension?

Adds space and value

Having this additional time at home might have highlighted the need for more space. With working from home becoming more common, perhaps you need to build a specific office space? Or maybe you need a second lounge? Think of all the ‘what we’re watching on TV’ debates you could avoid.

Unsurprisingly, extending your property will not only benefit you today but it will most likely add value to the home you live in too. An investment for your future-self and family is always an added bonus.

Stress-free, with us guiding you through the process

Of course, we know just how overwhelming the thought of extending your home, so let Keenan Project Designs take the stress from off your shoulders, as we walk you through the architect design process, step-by-step.

To discuss your house extension, talk to the team at Keenan Project Designs. Not only are we a RIBA Chartered Practice, but we also offer a company ethos of being reliable and trustworthy, with a focus on quality.

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