King Henry 8th Private School Hall Renovation, Interior Design And Project Management


We started by conducting our interior design service to understand what can be done to improve the existing hall, problem being that it was very dated, very dark and had an echo effect. We produced a full 3D model of the hall and lobby to show all our ideas that we could virtually walk through using our 3D software. The design consisted of new lighting, painting, brick refurbishment, window refurbishment, sound boarding, offset ceiling panels as well as much more. KPD then acted as project managers to run the entire refurbishment. We arranged and instructed all the trades and contractors during the project’s duration, keeping to the agreed schedule, deal with any problems such as material delay and adapting the plan to suit so the project could stay on time. The hall and lobby are now much brighter rooms and have been modernised while keeping the same classic effect a school of this calibre would expect.

Project Type

Interior Design, Project Management