Top three design features that add value to your home


Have you been wondering how you could add value to your home? Whether you’re planning a renovation, thinking about moving in the next few years, or are simply future-proofing your home, there are plenty of ways that you can add value to your property. And, with staying put and investing in your current home, becoming frequently more attractive than moving house, it’s important that you consider what features will add value to your living space while promising to give you that all-important return on investment when your house does go on the market. With that in mind, here are our top three design features, that promise to boost the price of your home.

Bi-fold doors

Over the past few years, bi-fold doors have become an increasingly popular choice with homeowners and it’s easy to see why. Not only do they totally transform your living space but they are guaranteed to add value to your property too. In fact, some industry experts argue that including bi-fold doors in your renovation could see the price of your property increase by up to 10 per cent.

Bifold doors are the ultimate space saver, offering a modern-day alternative to French or sliding doors. They open up a room, while seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor space, which creates the illusion of extended space, making them the ultimate price booster. Among the many other benefits that come with bifold doors, is that they also create a lighter environment and are super secure.

Roof lanterns

Described by some as a mini conservatory, roof lanterns are, in short, glass structures that sit on top of a flat roof. They are three-dimensional and tend to be in the shape of a pyramid or elongated pyramid, which means they are a huge source of natural light for any room.

Roof lanterns make a fantastic addition to any living space, but most homeowners lean towards putting one in their kitchen. Other than the obvious benefit of letting in a huge amount of light into a room, roof lanterns are also an extremely energy-efficient option.

They’re definitely a worthy investment and one that promises to add value to your home. Like bi-fold doors, roof lanterns create a similar illusion of extra space, while being undeniably aesthetically pleasing, making your home an attractive option when it comes to potential buyers.

Open plan living

If done well, open plan living is said to add up to 15 per cent in value to your house price. And it’s easy to see why open plan living is becoming a front-runner when it comes to popular renovating ideas. From combining kitchen and dining space to merging living room and dining areas, the opportunities that come with open plan living are endless.

Open plan living areas comes with multiple benefits, including the likes of bringing families closer together, along with creating the ideal space for socialising and hosting events.

Not only is open plan living becoming a desired feature for homeowners but furthermore, a house that has open plan living space can actually tempt buyers to put an offer in.

If you’re considering extending your home or planning a renovation, then contact Keenan Project Designs. We will help you in getting the most out of your home while ensuring you add value to your property. Not only are we a RIBA Chartered Practice, but we also offer a company ethos of being reliable and trustworthy, with a focus on quality. Our services span Warwickshire and beyond, including Rugby, Coventry, Leamington Spa, Kenilworth, Northampton and Solihull.

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