Top tips when choosing the best architectural design services


When looking for architectural design services the first thing you will look for is reliability. For the vast majority of architectural projects, the impact of the architect will be felt for years and perhaps even decades to come after. If yours is inexperienced or makes a mistake, then that could put the integrity of your home at risk. To make sure your architect is at the top of their game and the best you can hire, keep an eye out for the following factors.

Plenty of experience behind them

The best architects will know how to deal with any issues without having in-depth knowledge of your building, simply because they’ve dealt with many similar issues in the past. A provider that’s gone through many jobs will have worked on loft conversion and garage conversion ideas many times before and will be less likely to make errors. The expertise and attention to detail that experience brings can be key to a job well done.


Some architects may offer a wide variety of services, from a simple rear extension to the design of completely new structures such as bridges. They may be excellent at what they do, but the wide variety of services could be a cause for concern. If you want your home renovation or any other architectural design completed to the best of their abilities, make sure that whichever you use specialises in that service.

3D visualisations

An architect’s job is to help bring a vision to life, and often to do so you’ll need a 3D model. 3D modelling software can give you a much better idea of what a structure will look like upon completion that you just can’t get with a hand-drawn or 2D computer-aided image. The best architects will allow you to get a more cohesive view of the completed structure, and that can be best done by using 3D visualisations.

When you’re looking for architects with all of these features, look no further than Keenan Project Designs. Our experienced team has years of expertise, can provide detailed 3D modelling and are the best architects Warwickshire has to offer. If you’re interested in our services, visit our website or call 0800 233 5787 for a quote.

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