What does a Structural Engineer do?


Keenan Project Designs rely on the skills and services of a multitude of building professionals, and structural engineers are a vital part of the team. 

As key specialists, we consult with our structural engineers at the critical stages of each project. This is usually once drawing work has been agreed with the client and planning has been approved. As we submit drawings and discuss the details, engineering notes and beams are included – but will need to be determined by our structural engineer with a separate site visit.

A building’s skeleton is made up of an intricate jigsaw of beams, floor and roof joists, columns, and foundations. A structural engineer determines how these different aspects best fit together. By utilising a structural engineer at the right stage of a project, we can create designs that are low cost, can be easily built, and provide strength and safety without compromise.

Our teams will work together to identify any potential challenges in architectural plans and propose alternatives if required. Their unique understanding of each building material we use, from steel and concrete, to glass and other elements, enables Keenan Project Designs to deliver effective, efficient and compliant solutions. Structural engineers work with our architects, surveyors and other building professionals to communicate complex technical issues so they are clearly understood by all parties.

Many people don’t realise that they need a structural engineer for residential building projects until a planning official or other building professional requests one. Typically, a structural engineer is required whenever an existing structure is being modified, or new construction is going ahead. This is likely to be the case even where an architect isn’t required. This is why structural engineers have to have multi-faceted skill sets: as a designer, they have to ensure a project is fit for purpose – like a school floor that doesn’t mark easily. As a constructor, they have to be a safety expert in tune with the local environment – safeguarding against natural disasters like flooding. And, they have to be ultimate problem solvers – providing solutions that are sustainable, are less maintenance, and use fewer materials.

Once planning has been approved, this is typically when we bring in a structural engineer. They review everything at this stage, and calculate the beams and loads. This shows how you can rely on Keenan Project Designs to provide the right support and expertise at the right time, saving you time and money, and giving you complete peace of mind.

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