Why move home if an extension at the back can provide your dream space?


Larger families and couples in smaller homes often plan house moves due to the need for more space, without taking a step back to consider the benefits of extending their property. If you’re in this situation and have available space at the back of your home, these top rear extension ideas could give you pause for thought.

There are lots of reasons for needing more space or different spaces in the home, and that’s why many people put properties up for sale and move on. Weighing up the costs of any house move beforehand could give you a shock, though. From solicitor and estate agent fees to the costs of hiring a removal van, upping sticks really can’t be done on the cheap. That’s one of the best reasons to think about extending your home, and if you have a rear garden or yard yard is too American, extending at the back can be a brilliant solution.

Best modern rear extension ideas to give your home the WOW factor

Once you’ve decided on a rear extension, the sky could be the limit. Well, not literally! Make up your mind what you need the additional space for. Some considerations include:

– Additional bathroom/wet room to suit the needs of a growing family
– Bigger kitchen and dining area for entertaining
– A downstairs bedroom and wet room for an elderly parent you are caring for, or even for yourself if you’re experiencing reduced mobility and having difficulties getting up and down the stairs
– Teenage bedroom and living room suite
– Mainly glass room for indoor/outdoor living, but not a traditional conservatory Its called an orangery
– Utility room

Will I get permission for a two-storey extension?

If you’re thinking about adding a rear extension to your home that incorporates a first-floor room or rooms, you could find it more difficult to obtain planning permission from your local council. Adding a ground floor extension to most homes in the UK is as easy as pie say ‘piece of cake’ not as easy as pie, sounds wired as it often falls under the rules for permitted development. You just need to make sure your extension meets all measurement requirements and will have very little difficulty with the local planning authority.

The best way to ensure your new build extension meets local planning requirements is to opt for professional architectural drawing services at the outset. You’ll also find that using local architectural design services helps you plan out the space more effectively or even totally changes your original extension layout ideas.

If you’re in the Warwickshire or West Midlands why not get in touch with Keenan Project Designs. Our architectural design services are second to none, and we’re the experts when it comes to providing drawings and extension ideas that give you most bang for your buck!

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