Why use an architect?


If you’re looking to convert a space in your home, extend or even build from scratch, then you’ve probably considered using an architect. The fact that you’re reading this very article demonstrates that you’re carrying out the much-needed research that is required when taking on any design or building work for the first time.

Whilst using an architect isn’t a legal requirement, it does come with many compelling benefits and can actually save you money in the long term. From the finished output to the prevention of hiccups down the line, here we explore the top reasons why you should use an architect.

Achieve the best possible end result

It can be hard to communicate what you’re looking to achieve with a builder or tradesman. It’s even harder to create a design that ticks every box, from being practical and complimenting your lifestyle to being something that has the ‘wow’ factor. This is where an architect comes in.

So many times, we hear “I’ve made changes to my home but I now wish I had just done X”. For example, have you considered which way the door will open? Where should the outlet pipes go? Should you add that extra window? Using an architect will guarantee a finished result that you can be truly proud of, without the later regrets.

Save money in the long run

What some people don’t realise is that using an architect can actually help you save money on your overall project. During the initial stages, there are copious amounts of decisions to be made, the majority of which have a cost implication. These include fixture and product choices, material options and then, finally, how they’re constructed by the builder.

From helping you to get the lighting just right to achieving a quality finish, an architect can also help create a space that’s going to add greater value to your home.

Help avoid mistakes and delays

Working with a trained and experienced architect can help foresee and prevent any issues that could cause delays down the line. For example, does your project require planning permission? Have you chosen the right materials for your building work? Are the pipes and electrical cables correctly placed? Correcting mistakes later down the line can prevent weeks of headache, as well as unnecessary cost.

Connect you with trade professionals

At Keenan Project Designs, we eat, breathe and sleep the design and building trade. We’ve spent years working with tradespeople of all specialisms. We know who the reliable ones are and which ones you should probably avoid. We’re always happy to connect you with the right people, to ensure a quality end result that won’t cost you the earth.

Professional accreditations

Finally, choosing to work with the right architect means that your project is backed up by their accreditations, training and experience. Keenan Project Designs is proud to be an RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) Chartered practice, as well as being a member of the Architects Registration Board. In short, being a Chartered practice means that we’re committed to excellence in both architect design and service delivery. Our work has also been recognised by a number of home and build working bodies, having won numerous awards over the years.

To get a quote, discuss a project or simply ask a question, get in touch with the professional team at Keenan Project Designs. We offer services across Rugby, Coventry, Leamington Spa, Kenilworth, Northampton, Solihull and beyond.

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